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Mar 21, 2024 Bob Zeidman Elected as Fellow of the Association of Cyber Forensics and Threat Investigators (ACFTI)
Dec 11, 2023 Bob Zeidman Releases "Election Hacks," a First-Hand Account of His Investigation into 2020 Election Fraud Claims
May 26, 2023 How I Won $5 Million From the MyPillow Guy and Saved Democracy
Apr 4, 2021 Winners Announced in Seventh Annual Zeidman Awards
Apr 13, 2020 Winners Announced in Sixth Annual Zeidman Awards
Jun 11, 2019 Winners Announced in Fifth Annual Zeidman Awards
Jul 24, 2018 Winners Announced in Fourth Annual Zeidman Awards
May 17, 2017 Winners Announced in Third Annual Zeidman Awards
Aug 15, 2016 Winners Announced in Second Annual Zeidman Awards
Aug 8, 2016 Zeidman Consulting Concludes that Microsoft Did Not Copy CP/M Code but Did Copy System Calls from Digital Research to Create MS-DOS
Sep 29, 2015 Bob Zeidman Named IEEE Outstanding Engineer in the Region 6 Central Area
Jun 24, 2015 Bob Zeidman Earns IEEE Outstanding Engineer Award for Pioneering Contributions to Software Forensics
May 25, 2015 Winners Announced in Inaugural Zeidman Awards
Jun 26, 2012 Zeidman Consulting Finds Matching Oracle and Google Files Not Addressed in Court
Feb 6, 2012 Lee Felsenstein and Bob Zeidman Join Forces
Sep 21, 2010 Robert Zeidman Recognized by IEEE Santa Clara Valley Section
Sep 5, 2007 U.S. Patent Office Issues Simulation Patent To Zeidman Consulting
Jun 30, 2007 BitMatch From Zeidman Consulting Finds Stolen Software
Aug 7, 2006 Zeidman Consulting Releases CodeSuite, The Software Expert's Toolbox
Jan 5, 2005 Zeidman Consulting Improves CodeMatch Software and Offers It for Free
Jul 17, 2003 Zeidman Consulting Releases CodeMatch Software For Comparing Source Code Files
Jun 25, 2001 Zeidman Consulting Partners with IKOS Systems for Network Emulation
Bob Zeidman Earns IEEE Outstanding Engineer Award for Pioneering Contributions to Software Forensics.
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