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U.S. Patent Office Issues Simulation Patent To Zeidman Consulting

CUPERTINO, CA (September 5, 2007) - Zeidman Consulting (, a premiere Silicon Valley contract research and development firm, has been granted U.S. Patent Number 7,266,490, entitled "Apparatus and Method for Connecting Hardware to a Circuit Simulation."

This patent covers software for a hardware simulation to communicate directly with real hardware. Through the patented software, the simulation acts as though the simulated device is connected directly to the real hardware. This technology is an extension of the methods first commercialized in the Molasses® software program that enables a live network to be connected to an emulator or prototype. Molasses, like the invention described in the patent, provides on-the-fly buffering, speed matching, and protocol conversion. This patent is only the second of a series of pending patents describing similar inventions that connect emulators, prototypes, and simulations to live hardware.

"Molasses took a unique approach to connecting a live, high-speed network to a slow emulator using software running on a standard PC using standard network drivers," said Bob Zeidman, the inventor and president of Zeidman Consulting. "Previously expensive, dedicated, custom hardware was required. During the development of Molasses I realized that the software could be generalized and extended to simulators, allowing them to be connected to all kinds of hardware. Admittedly it has been a struggle to bring the products to market effectively, but with this patent we intend to license the technology to larger EDA companies. Companies offering products in this area should consider becoming our licensees to avoid infringing our patents. Needless to say, to protect our intellectual property, we will take enforcement actions when necessary."

About Zeidman Consulting
Zeidman Consulting is a contract research and development firm with extensive experience in the design of hardware and software and also specializes in intellectual property litigation support, supplying tools, consultants, and expert witnesses. We have created a number of EDA tools including Molasses® for connecting an emulator to a live network and SynthOS™ for automatically synthesizing a real-time operating system. We have also developed CodeSuite®, the leading tool for finding plagiarized software source code and object code. We are physically located in Silicon Valley and virtually located in cyberspace at

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Molasses, SynthOS, and CodeSuite are trademarks of Zeidman Consulting.


Bob Zeidman Earns IEEE Outstanding Engineer Award for Pioneering Contributions to Software Forensics.
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