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Winners Announced in Fifth Annual Zeidman Awards

Bay Area Middle School Students Honored for Outstanding Accomplishments in Engineering and Science

CUPERTINO, Calif.—June 11, 2019 - Bob Zeidman, author, inventor and entrepreneur, is proud to announce the six winners of the fifth annual Zeidman Awards. The awards recognize middle school students who demonstrate an advanced knowledge of electronics or computer programming to solve challenges in a unique and efficient manner. The winners, their parents, and judges celebrated at a brunch on May 26 at the Computer History Museum.

The award recipients were selected from entries in the 2019 Synopsys Science & Technology Championship, where hundreds of students from Santa Clara County displayed their projects. Seven notable Silicon Valley engineers and scientists reviewed presentations, interviewed students, and then each selected one project from among 77 eligible projects. Zeidman then interviewed the students involved with each of the projects and selected the six winners.

"Throughout my career I've attempted to engage, directly and indirectly, in the process of mentoring and working with younger designers—the benefits are mutual," said Lee Felsenstein, a Zeidman judge and Computer History Museum Fellow for his influence on the technical and social environment of the early personal computing era. "The brunch is a great way to meet upcoming inventors and creators."

Zeidman specifically wanted to thank the volunteers from the Santa Clara Valley Science and Engineering Fair Association who run this great event each year. He’d also like to thank this year’s Zeidman Award judges: John Peck, Mike Ivanov, Jacob Harel, Lee Felsenstein, Andrew Cromarty, Bob Baird, and Nik Baer.

Awards included cash prizes, the brunch, and signed copies of Zeidman's book, Just Enough Electronics to Impress Your Friends and Colleagues!

The winners are:

First Place
- Yu-Ting Chang, Jane Lathrop Stanford Middle School: Greedy, Yet Intelligent, Algorithms for the Game 2048 Using Python

Second Place
- Reshma Kosaraju, Harker School-Middle Campus: Application of Meteorological Data to Predict the Chances of a Forest Fire Using Machine Learning and Neural Networks

Third Place
- Kaushik Salem, Cabrillo Middle School: A Target Acquisition System for Landing Aircrafts in Constrained Spaces using Modified Hough Transform

Honorable Mentions
- Aanya Virmani and Arti Gnanasekar, Stratford Middle School: Memory Vision: Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve Symptoms of Dementia in Alzheimer's Patients
- Alan Dongjin Lee, Fletcher Middle School: Machine Learning for Distinguishing Benign from Malignant Liver Tumors

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