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Winners Announced in Seventh Annual Zeidman Awards

California Middle School Students Honored for Outstanding Accomplishments in Engineering and Science

LAS VEGAS, Nevada—April 4, 2021 - Bob Zeidman, inventor, entrepreneur, and author, is proud to announce the winners of the seventh annual Zeidman Awards. The awards recognize middle school students in the Santa Clara Valley who demonstrate an advanced knowledge of electronics or computer programming to solve challenges in a unique and efficient manner.

The award recipients were selected from entries in the 2021 Synopsys Science & Technology Championship, where hundreds of students from Santa Clara County, California displayed their projects and explained them remotely to the judges. Zeidman reviewed all the project descriptions, selected the most promising, interviewed the students behind the projects remotely, and then selected the winners.

"As in previous years, the winners have all created something unique and useful, addressing technical and societal problems of our times," said Zeidman. "I was impressed by the abilities and efforts of these particular students, and they should all be proud that they were judged entirely on the basis of their achievements and no other criteria whatsoever."

The Santa Clara Valley Science and Engineering Fair Association put on another great event this year, despite the second year of COVID restrictions that required the fair to be virtual.

Awards included cash prizes, a brunch with Bob Zeidman to be held sometime after the pandemic crisis has passed, which we all hope will be very soon, and signed copies of Zeidman's book, Just Enough Electronics to Impress Your Friends and Colleagues!

The winners are:

First Place
- Saanvi Bhargava & Anandita Arun, Harker School-Middle Campus: Fighting AI With AI: Identifying Key Features for Detecting Deepfakes

Second Place
- Carina Gross, Ellen Fletcher Middle School: Perfect Form: Using Audio Feedback to Maximize Athletic Performance

Third Place
- Serena Saumil Gandhi, Cabrillo Middle School: C.H.I.P (Covid Help Intelligent Patrol) - A robot to ensure health and safety of people in public places

Honorable Mention
- Andrew Traffas & Jonathan Thomas, Cabrillo Middle School: Helio Tracker

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