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Zeidman Consulting Releases CodeSuite, The Software Expert's Toolbox

CUPERTINO, CA (August 7, 2006) - Zeidman Consulting ( has just released CodeSuite™, a suite of tools for comparing computer source code to detect such things as plagiarism, copyright infringement, intellectual property theft, and patent infringement. CodeSuite incorporates the CodeMatch™, CodeDiff™, and FileIsolate™ tools as well as sophisticated post-process database filtering. CodeSuite can also generate detailed HTML reports and statistics spreadsheets.
CodeMatch uses sophisticated algorithms to compare source code files and rank them according to correlation scores. These algorithms have been shown to produce more exact results than any other source code comparison tool available.

CodeDiff performs a line by line comparison of source code files. It runs much faster than CodeMatch and can be used to give preliminary results and to pare down the number of files for CodeMatch to examine.

According to Bob Zeidman, president of Zeidman Consulting, "CodeMatch has been a fantastically successful tool for copyright infringement litigation. It's become a de facto standard at several premiere intellectual property law firms. In some cases, though, the full power of CodeMatch wasn't needed so we developed CodeDiff. We also built in a post-processor that allows an expert to filter out unimportant files and file elements to zoom right in on the plagiarism, if it exists."

Adds Zeidman, "We're expanding the company and looking for partners to take this concept of 'context sensitive searching' into other areas. For example, it can be tied into a search engine for applications like finding open source code within a code base and searching the Internet for prior art for patents. The potential applications are vast and exciting"

A fully functional copy of CodeSuite is available from the Zeidman Consulting website. It can be used to compare sets of source code files of 1 megabyte or less at no charge. For jobs over 1 megabyte, licenses must be purchased from Zeidman Consulting.

CodeSuite runs on a personal computer using the Windows operating system.

About Zeidman Consulting
Zeidman Consulting is one of the leading firms to analyze software and provide expert witness services. Zeidman Consulting is also a contract research and development firm specializing in digital hardware and software design including ASICs, FPGAs, CPLDs, PCBs, firmware, and application software. The corporate headquarters is in Cupertino, California.

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CodeSuite, CodeMatch, CodeDiff, and FileIsolate are trademarks of Zeidman Consulting.


Bob Zeidman Earns IEEE Outstanding Engineer Award for Pioneering Contributions to Software Forensics.
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